Sunday, August 10, 2008

Personal Best

Jennie and I just got back from running 15 miles through the parks of London!  Definitely the farthest distance I've ever run, but still 11.2 miles short of a marathon.  Oh well, I'm still happy we actually got up early and did it today.  After just getting settled the day before here in London, it would have been very easy to have skipped out today.

Today, we'll probably rest up for a little while and then do something that doesn't involve much walking or running.

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Alyssa said...

Hi Mr. Holladay, Alyssa Baker here! I have been thinking about all of my high school teachers since I am now in college, but you're the only one who is tech savvy enough to have a nice blog to contact you with. Anyhow, awesome photos you've posted in the last few posts, one day I hope I can go see the eiffel tower in all its glory :)