Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Battling the Lines

All in all, Cedar Point was a great day. I'd say that attendance was medium. I've seen lighter, but considering school is still out for most students, we didn't have to stand in many lines over an hour. Erik and I had a great day at the park...nice weather!

Erik vs Power Tower

Taken from the Iron Dragon line, Erik looking serious about his coaster addiction...

Get to the Point

Foreground - Iron Dragon

Background - Corkscrew

Two C.P. coaster icons!


Here we are getting ready to take on Cedar Point. Erik and I try to make it to Sandusky, Ohio at least once a year. Our first stop is the Raptor (background), but if the line is long, we will move along to the back of the park and work our way back to Raptor.

Here We Go - Cedar Point - August 2006

Ah, the roller coaster Mecca of the midwest...Cedar Point. You're looking at the back of Erik. This is our umpteenth trip to Cedar Point, something we do at least once a year. Today, it's just us boys. His wife is pregnant and roller coasters are sort of discouraged. My wife is simply too good to be seen with us bozos! :)