Friday, January 18, 2008

Barenaked Ladies at the NAIAS

Sorry for the quality...its a cell phone, after all. :)

Full Swing

View from the Stage

@ Honda

J and Me

This is one of the few events Jennie comes back for each year. I think its so she can work with me. :)

Setting up...


I'm not so sure about the color, butI suppose I could have it re-painted.


Part of the Toyota Booth

Mitsubishi Concept

I'll take one.

Local 4 'Home Base'

Here is my assignment tonight. I will be the AD for stuff that happens on the main set.

Prepping for the Charity Preview

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Carmen and Devin

Hummer HX

Awaiting a Reveal

Mazda Taiki

New Ford

Auto Show Begins!

Chevy Groove

Breaking News From The Music World

Dateline: Attica, Michigan

At approximately 2:15 this morning, Karyn Coles and Bruce & Jennie Holladay--proud members of the Skype Outs--earned the right to share their musical abilities around the world.

The musical trifecta headed to Berlin to compete in the world showcase. Grand Prize: The Airstream private jet you see in this picture. Now, the "Rock Band" group can get the heck out of Europe and play around the world. Who needs David Hasselhoff anyway?

The Skype Outs is a group composed of members of the University of Michigan Flint Geneva Cohort and their spouses (and sometimes children.) Although they have only been together since New Year's Eve 2007, the group has thousands of fans and can play many rock hits from the '60s through today. Primarily a cover band, the members say that an album of original works in imminent.

In addition to Europe, the band is currently playing in Chicago, Boston, Seattle and Los Angeles. Be sure to check out a show near you!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pistons - Year #3

Well, Sean and I have reached a milestone. We have been working Pistons games from WDIV for the last 3 years and he not manged to kill me yet. I know tha I would have been sick of me months ago!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

PC Free (at last)

This is from a few days ago....forgot to post it!

Since 1991, I have had at least one PC in my life (thanks to my parents for that.) As I clean up the executive offices of North 42 Media in preparation for the '08 production season, it is finally time to say goodbye to the last PC I will ever purchase: a 2004 model from Dell.

While I will continue to use them at work, I am hoping this is the last depressing little black box I have in my home. Bon Voyage, Ol' Dellie!

Monday, January 07, 2008

62 - Run Time

Here is a qick snap from my phone. Jennie, Daisy and I celebrated the warm weather by going for a run.

Weekend Re-Cap

It was a busy weekend once again for the Holladays. Friday night, Jennie and I met up with two of our friends from work, Marina and Katie, and their husbands for some conversation and delicious Lucky's food. It's always nice to spend time with co-workers outside of the building. Expecially so I can catch up with their husbands, who I only usually see about once a year.

Saturday, Jennie, Karyn and I continued to perfect our skiing abilities. The 7:11 Running Club has, at least temporarily, been re-named the 7:11 Ski Club. I'm still probably the worst of everyone, but I'm practicing. I fall a lot, but I'd like to think that it's because I'm being daring and trying to get better. The funny thing is that it never hurts...until about 2 days later. I think I might have fractured a rib last time...kidding...I'm just a wuss. After ski club, we went to Great Lakes Crossing for a delicious food court lunch. After I left for WDIV, J and K keep playing at GLC for a while. I hope you girls had fun!

Sunday, J and I attended our first seminar at the Detroit Film Center. "Film A-Z" was an 8 hour workshop that went over the logistics of creating a film in Michigan. There was a wide variety of people in attendance. Some want to perfect their video skills while others were interesting in funding opportunities and budgeting. I've always been into the idea of shooting on film. I've recorded countless hours of videotape, but film has a different look and takes an entirely different set of skills. It's very mechanical and scientific and I think that draws me as well. Next Saturday, I start my 12 week "Intro to 16mm film production." Awesome!