Sunday, January 13, 2008

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Breaking News From The Music World

Dateline: Attica, Michigan

At approximately 2:15 this morning, Karyn Coles and Bruce & Jennie Holladay--proud members of the Skype Outs--earned the right to share their musical abilities around the world.

The musical trifecta headed to Berlin to compete in the world showcase. Grand Prize: The Airstream private jet you see in this picture. Now, the "Rock Band" group can get the heck out of Europe and play around the world. Who needs David Hasselhoff anyway?

The Skype Outs is a group composed of members of the University of Michigan Flint Geneva Cohort and their spouses (and sometimes children.) Although they have only been together since New Year's Eve 2007, the group has thousands of fans and can play many rock hits from the '60s through today. Primarily a cover band, the members say that an album of original works in imminent.

In addition to Europe, the band is currently playing in Chicago, Boston, Seattle and Los Angeles. Be sure to check out a show near you!