Monday, June 26, 2006

Hello Wonderful

Now, this is more our style...the Hilton @ Little Rock.

One last look at paradise....

One last look at paradise....

Free Upgrade!

So, the ladies at Alamo Rent-A-Car were symphatic to our travel woes. So, we got a FREE upgrade. Are we touring around in the 'compact' cool-looking Nissan....NO!!! We've been 'upgraded' to a gold Ford Taurus (with a non-working remote). Boy, do we look cool.

Hasta La Vista, La Quinta!

Well, we've honestly seen better. Since this was a school venture, we're not all about wasting district dollars, but we also like beds with no springs popping out, dry towels and non-stained carpets. So, we're contributing some of our own hard earned funds to move up the the Hilton.

So, What do you do when nothing is open?

We both agree...this may go down as our worst travel day. I snapped this photo around 5:25am (eastern). We literally left at this exact same time yesterday to try to get to Little Rock. Since we got in so late (or early), the rental car facility is closed until 6am central time. Our class begins at 8:30 sharp, so we no choice, but to stay here until we can get a car. Good times.

Flight Delayed...

As you can see, Jennie is very thrilled to still be in chicago at 2am. We've almost been up 24 hours.