Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thank You Meijer

There are so many reasons to love Meijer. They are based in Michigan. They are everywhere. They are open 24 hours. And most importantly, they are NOT Wal-Mart (bullies!)

Since July of 07, I have been trying my hardest to make better healthy living choices, including changes in my diet and exercise. Overall, I'd give myself a B--doing okay, but there is some room for improvement. During that time frame, our friends at Meijer have been making their food healthier, too.

Although I'm not entirely sure how long they've been doing it, Meijer has their own store brand of organic products cleverly called "Meijer Organics." In the past, I've always been a bit of a food snob and steered clear of "value" brands. I'm convinced--in part by reading labels--that it is not possible for store brands to be exactly like their commercial counterparts. may be small...but something, is different.

However, I have sampled dozens of Meijer Organics products and they are all great. Meijer Organics are our preferred brands, unless we find something cheaper. And, I think that is a major difference. I feel like the company is not trying to make all their organic products "value" products as well. For example, tonight I bought a different brand of organic cane sugar because it was over $1 cheaper than the Meijer brand.

For those of you that live near a Meijer, try out their Organic line. Yes, I know it costs more than other brands, but remember it's your body and so far you only get one of those. And, once you've tried a jam, jelly, ketchup or other treat that is not made with high fructose corn syrup, you will have a hard time going back.

The picture shows a few of our regular Meijer Organics purchases.