Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Outdoor Fine Dining

At the table (on the deck.)

Acadia = YUM.

One of our classmates suggested visiting a small little neighborhood called Hillcrest. She recommended Acadia as one of the better restaurants. She was right. Excellent food, reasonable price and great atmosphere. A+

Vice President Jennie

Jennie in the VP Chair.

President B. Holladay

I am sitting in the chair that the president sits in at high-level meetings. I think they call this the briefing room.

Jennie in the Oval Office

Here is the first woman president. Or an intern.

The Clinton Oval Office

Jennie and I darted out of class today to make it to the Clinton Presidential Library. No books, but a nice introspective into the Clinton years. This is a replica of the oval office inside the library. I forgot to take a picture of the exterior of the library and gardens....maybe tomorrow.


It's hard to read, but the bottom line is my score....90% . Jennie did awesome, too!

Two Words...Cherry Limeaide

Jennie demanded at trip to Sonic to re-live her college days.


Heading out the door for our "Site Development Foundations" Exam. Wish us luck!