Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stop Kidding Yourself, It's NOT A TiVo.

This post is directed to all of you who refer to your inferior DVRs (stands for digital video recorders) as TiV0. Face it, you're not in the club. I know you want to be...and there is hope. What am I talking about?

If you have a DVR from a company like Comcast, Dish Network or DirectTV and you don't see the friendly little TiVo person (as seen in the photo,) then you don't have a TiVo. True, you do have a DVR, but it is no TiVo, my friend.

Owning a TiVo is an experience in itself. Let me explain.

It all starts when you boot up your TiVo. After a few minutes of thinking and or organizing, you are greeted with a welcome animation of TiVo at the TiVo factory (where they apparently make gumballs.)

From there, TiVo slides into his (or her) spot at the top of the screen, ready to guide you through the TiVo experience. You will see a list of things to watch, either alphabetical by date or in neatly organized folders. Once you select a program, you'll see a little information about the show along with some options at the bottom. Press play and TiVo happy snaps into action with a little 'chrip.' How soothing.

If you have a show you really like, TiVo will help you record every episode! Just use the 'season pass' manager and TiVo will record the show any time it's on, only new episodes, or only when it is on a certain channel. Plus, you can tell TiVo how many episodes you'd like to keep! For example, I record David Letterman every night, but TiVo only keeps the current two.

What's more, TiVo likes to learn about you. For example, if you watch CaddyShack and then, maybe, Groundhog Day, TiVo thinks "hey, this guy must have a thing for Bill Murry. Hmm...I see I've got some extra space in my brain right now....and...What About Bob starts in 15 minutes....I know...I'll record it just in case!!"

There is no additional commitment on your end. If you don't watch What About Bob and TiVo needs the space, it will automatically be deleted.

I don't even have time to get into all the cool networking stuff you can do.

Now, I'm sure your DVRs do the same things--at least some of them--but nothing can compare to TiVo. So, please, if you have a DVR, call it that. If you have TiVo, welcome friend, welcome.

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Mary Ann Bowes said...

Bruce, are you active on the TiVo Community Forums? Because that would be just a little bit weird for me, as we're both accepted into the Global Program at U of M Flint. I've got 2 TiVos, but had to switch to the (admittedly inferior) DirecTV DVR when I got my new HDTV. It was cheaper, plain and simple.