Thursday, January 18, 2007

220 hp, 5 speeds, 0 cupholders

For those of you who know me, you are aware that last summer I purchased a 1995 Saab 900se Turbo Convertible as my commuter car. You also know that I got a great deal on it (at least until you add up all the work I put into it.)

I am writing to report that I still love the Saab. It's peppy, stylish (for 1995) and has heated seats. But, why can't it have at least 1 good cup holder?!?!?

That's right! Not even one stupid cup holder in the car. Sure, there are things that they probably call 'cup holders'. For example, if you flip up the center console, there is a 'hole' in the top in which one could probably put a drink. Two problems. First, when you flip up the door, it is literally in the back seat and you need to clock your body about half way around to fetch anything out of it. Second, the hole is only about an inch deep, so anything bigger than an 80z coffee cup is going to go flying out of it with any turn or sudden stop.

The next location that I've found 'cup holders' is in the glove box. These cupholder are also great...if you are having a picnic while parked on a very level surface. They are more indentations that actual cup holders.

I have had to be creative to come up with a solution for my beverage holding needs. I have resorted to driving around with a large roll of 2" gaffer's tape (like duct tape, only for video cabling) that I put on the passenger-side floor. The hole in the middle is big enough to hold most beverages...20oz bottles, stainless steel coffee mugs, etc. Problem solved....until I have a passenger!!

I just can't believe that in 1995 no one was drinking tasty beverages in their cars! I was just down at the auto show and I can confirm they have corrected this problem in the 2007 models. Whew!

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