Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Return to Geneva...Return to Blogging

As I sit in the dining room here at the John Knox Center, it's a little surreal to think I'm back here for another summer residency.  I'm extremely happy to be back here.  In some ways it's becoming like a second home, sort of.  It was all very familiar:  getting on the plane in Detroit, then Newark, then Geneva, then the cab to the John Knox Center, and finally our room "Chambre 1" at the back of the property.  We've got our bus pass and we're ready to paint the town red.  Only this time, we have the added benefit of actually knowing where we are going.

So far, everything been going according to plan.  Except when we lost Tony.  His connecting flight from Detroit to Newark was delayed and he missed our flight to Geneva.  Rumor has it that he caught a flight to Paris and will be in a little later today.  Hurry up Tony, we miss you!

Karyn, Meghan, Joachim and I all met up at Newark International Airport and headed over together.  We arrived in Geneva around 8am GMT +1, which is about 2am EST.  I got a little sleep on the plane and plan on staying up all day to help me adjust to the new time.

We have a busy week coming up.  Tomorrow, six of the 7:11 runners are heading to Paris for 4 days.  Jennie and I will serve as tour guides, since we've both been there before (last summer, in fact.)  Jennie and I need to continue our training for the Chicago Marathon, so we need to run 10 miles in Paris this Saturday.  I can think of worse places to do so (like 10 times around the Attica Township Park, for example.)

So, I am aware that my blog has been lackluster at best for many months.  I promise that if you stop by and visit, I'll keep the posts coming!  But for now, I need to unpack and meet Jennie at the airport.

Au Revoir

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