Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Blue Water Phenomenon

For most people, coming across a new-looking bag with a new-looking box of shoes inside, may seem like the find of the year. Especially, if they are your size! But for me, someone who grew up just south of Port Huron, these "great finds" are actually more like Canadian calling cards. Let me explain.

Located just north of Port Huron is an area called Fort Gratiot (it's not technically a city, probably a township.) Fort Gratiot is home to the Birchwood Mall and dozens of other big-box retailers. The Blue Water Bridge--one of the major crossings from Michigan to Canada--is also in this area. Since the mall was built in 1991, millions of Canadians have crossed the bridge looking for great buys. Even though the Canadian Dollar is much stronger now, Fort Gratiot is still the closest shopping Mecca for many Canadians. And, it seems that many are in need of new shoes.

In order to avoid paying Duty on their purchases when they cross back over the border, Canadians often come to Fort Gratiot in some of their worst looking apparel. Then, after purchasing the new goods, they simply discard their old clothes in the parking lots of the malls and stores in the area. Tacky, but very common. That's why I've become immune to seeing such 'goody bags' being left behind in the lots.

Now, I'm sure that this problem also shows up in other 'border' towns, and on principal, I guess I expect our often eco-friendly, tree hugging neighbors to the North to have a little more class. Come on all you Canadians, use the trash can!!

So, if you are ever shopping in Fort Gratiot and see a new box of shoes on the ground, leave them be---trust me!


JH said...

not sure what that guy is talking about.

mykgerard said...

I often leave the shoe store in my new shoes as well regardless of where I'm shopping, but then I often put off buying a new pair until the old ones have to get tossed.. lol.