Sunday, April 01, 2007

Out of the Box....Back in the Box

Have you ever seen those stickers the Red Cross gives you if you try to give blood but, for whatever reason, cant? Well, "I Tried."

When Jennie and I were at a conference in Detroit a couple of weeks ago, we fell in love with an HP laptop that was also a tablet PC. You could open it up as a standard laptop, or spin the screen around and write on the touchscreen. A million uses ran through our heads. We could use it for productions, writing directly on the screen and taking notes. In class, I could make notations and have them show up on the projector. Etc. Etc. Etc.'s 12.1" screen made it WAY too small. I think what really turned me off, though, was speed. If this had been a $700 laptop, the speed would have been okay. You get what you pay for. But for a, well, much more expensive laptop, it took forever to accomplish anything. And the pop-ups started almost immediately for me!

So, I'm staying true to my true desires. We're getting another MacBook Pro...sometime before our big trip.


JH said...

You have to love the MacBook Pro!

Bruce Holladay said...

I don't HAVE to do anything.
but i do love the macs!