Sunday, February 11, 2007

Motor City Monday (and Tuesday)

Jennie and I have just arrived in Detroit for the 2007 Conference on Career and Technical Education. We will be here tonight (Sunday) through Tuesday afternoon. This is Jennie's first year second. These type of events really help teachers keep fresh in the classroom, providing new insights on how to do things we currently do better, and giving new ideas for instruction.

This great view is from our 50th floor hotel room at the Detroit Marriott in the GM Renaissance Center. The dark area on the left is the Detroit River. Follow it up the page to see the lighted outline of the Ambassador Bridge, linking Detroit to Windsor, Ontario (Canada.) Straight ahead just up Jefferson Avenue is Cobo Center and Cobo Arena. In the bottom right-hand corner is the entrance to the Windsor Tunnel, which runs under the Detroit River.

I think we're both looking forward to our couple of days here in Detroit. Mom and Dad have Daisy through Wednesday. Thanks Mom and Dad! Consider this practice for your new puppy! Although by now, you're experts. Please don't feed Daisy too many Chicken McNuggets.

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taawd said...

Great picture! You should take it with your "real" digital camera. You must love the digs in the RenCen. You should post a picture of your hotel room, just tidy up first! Have fun, you crazy kids!!