Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's a Good Thing I Like Toblerone!

Jennie and I got some great news today! We both have been accepted into the University of Michigan Flint's Master's of Arts in Education program. It's called "Technology in Education - Global Program."
The program runs 15 months. As someone who loves to travel, the best part about the program is sure to be the two consecutive summer residencies we'll do in Geneva, Switzerland.

So, our planning begins...

So, Step 1 (get everything in order to apply)

Step 2 (get accepted)

Step 3 (celebrate)

Step 4 (find money)
IN PROGRESS. If anyone out there reading this has some extra money lying around, I will be taking donations for the next 15 months. Jennie and I are both filling out our FAFSA forms in the hopes of securing some loan money to help us out. We'll be stretched with both of us in the program at the same time. I know we'll work it out, but seriously, if you have extra cash, I take PayPal!

More to come. Thanks to U-M Flint for taking a chance on me! And to those of you who were kind enough to write letters of recommendation, expect some Toblerone sometime in August!

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taawd said...

Congratulations on the honor. I can't wait to get international e-mail and see what you post on your blog!