Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Pressure is On

It's 8:40 am and I'm sitting in a classroom that is dead quiet except for the sound of my fingers typing on my keyboard and 24 computer mice clicking. I am administering our Adobe Photoshop CS2 Certification Exam to my morning class right now. 86 questions, 90 minutes, multiple choice. We've spent the last couple of months learning the ins and outs of the program and this is their chance to shine.

I had to re-start the exam 15 minutes into it because I found a flaw in my system. It turns out that students were able to submit questions and then go back and change them if they were wrong. They could do so until they got them right. They lost a fraction of a point each time they did that, but it was still not good. So, I quickly re-built the exam and had them all start again.

Be sure to check out my new blog, I plan on visiting 10 blogger blogs--at random--each day. My hope is to encourage all blog viewers and creaters to take time to view others' work.


Anonymous said...

One of the best blogs in the world, only in Lapeer County or at CH6 could you have developed this kind of site.....Where were you when they set up the blog of Clinton and Monica..... Or Bush and Chenny ????

Best to Daisey

mykgerard said...

Wow, you actually have your students get certified?

Anonymous said...

i wish we could have been certified.

o well..