Thursday, August 24, 2006

A "SAAB" Story

About a month ago, it became obvious that it would not be long before our two-car family once again became a three-car family. We have a lease car. When we leased it, Jennie was only driving a few miles each way to work. Then, we moved and I was only driving a few miles to work. At least that was true for one of my 'works.' Last winter I picked up some classes in Port Huron which made it necessary for me to take that 90 mile round-trip route three days a week. Add that to an already busy freelance schedule at WDIV (140 miles RT) and I was racking up the miles on the Pacifica.

In the past, we always had three cars for this reason (my inability to only work at one job!) But, we sold our 2000 Neon last spring, assuming we would not need it anymore.

As I scoured ebay, I missed out on some killer deals! So, when I saw this 95 Saab 900se turbo convertible for a great price I jumped on it. I contacted the buyer on a Tuesday and was on a plane that Thursday headed for Erie, PA. I picked up the car and then headed to Cleveland to see Todd.

I got in to Cleveland about the time Todd had to go to work. No problem for me, though, since I wanted to clean up the car a bit anyway. So, after checking out the Downtown scene, I headed town the interstate until I happened upon a shopping Mecca (very nice, except that the backdrop was a garbage dump!) Spent some time there, ate at Chipotle and headed to see Todd at work.

By this time, I had been up for a looonnng time and was starting to feel it. After the tour, I helped Todd produce the 11pm newscast--not really. I did tour the station and chat with a few of his co-workers. Afterwards, we stopped off at an Irish Pub and then headed to his apartment.

I had a good time visiting with Todd, but I had to get back as Jennie's parents were coming to town to run the Crim. So I headed back late Friday morning, stopping only for gas...and traffic jams.

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