Sunday, July 20, 2008

Paris in Photos

The Arc di Triomphe on a cloudy day

Monument Louis XV in Place de la Concorde

Jennie looking tres chic

The 7-11 ladies taking a break

J&B outside the Louvre

A intricate rose window inside Notre Dame

Row of candles near the same window

One of the two original metro entrances in Paris

A jazz band entertains the crowd

More stairs, a favorite of ours

The first view of Sacre Couer

The views as we climb the stairs to the dome


Jennie and I atop Sacre Coeur

La Hopital des Invalides

An ornate clock on L'Ecole Militaire

Karyn at "La Tour"

So, where is the tower anyway?  (haha)


Bruce takes a load off his feet and admires the view

Eiffel close-up

Eiffel closer-up

Some of the 12,000 pieces

The Eiffel Tower on a grey day

Eiffel in her evening gown

Bruce waiting for the show

"1024 colors" painting at the Pompidou Center

"Starry Night" by Vincent VanGogh


Where did this come from?

B&J by Monet

The gang (minus Tony)

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JMH said...

Looks fun...well, minus the 400 steps Jennie wrote about in her blog!

Hope you are having a great time!!!