Thursday, October 26, 2006

North 42 Media...Now in HD!

Our new Panasonic HVX-200 DVCPRO HD camcorder has finally arrived!

Just take a look at this beauty! We have a few larger projects coming up that warranted the purchase of a new camera. The thing with the blue screen on the left is a 100 gig hard drive which connects and mounts to the camera. This camera can record on miniDV tape, but only in 480i mode (not HD.) It's primary method of recording is on the new P2 cards, which are basically flash memory cards (about the size of a network card for a laptop) which fit into the back. But, if you're doing a lot of HD (like we plan to,) then 2-8gig cards won't be enough. That's why we got the external drive as well.

In a few weeks, we plan some additional purchases, like a matte box and filters for the front. You may want to start looking on YouTube for the latest North 42 videos!

I'd write more, but I must play with the new toy!!!

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